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Postby Sardine » Sun Nov 06, 2005 2:33 pm

err added myself typed in where i was from and it doesnt put me in my home town puts my balloon near High Wycombe :(

had to do another one and type in Southend instead, which is like 20 mins away so its not a huge deal

but meh :(
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Postby OohhoO » Mon Nov 07, 2005 3:17 pm

I still can't get any city in northern or central Switzerland to work. Also can't see any map. Am I doing something wrong? Any (reasonable) suggestions?
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Postby Gamblor » Tue Nov 08, 2005 10:38 am

Bahh finaly my buble appeared .. but now it keeps dissapearing after about 2 mins :(

any1 else having this problem ?
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