Are you a Guild leader? Then what troubles you since TBC?

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Are you a Guild leader? Then what troubles you since TBC?

Postby eisson717 » Fri Nov 07, 2008 3:59 am

Are you a Guild leader? Then what troubles you since TBC?

Hi, im a guild leader in another server. I have been playing WoW since 2004. Now I want to say, to be a leader is tiresome. I know it is not right to say this as a leader, but it is the true …the truest feeling.
Well, my guild owns 100+ members now. During the past 4 years, the guild has grown through a lot, happy and pain, me and all my guys.
I remember once we even hadn’t enough gold to buy flask for the guild, I have to farm them myself with my boys for a really long time. I want to vomit even now when I think it lol.
Hmm, in the real life, im a gentleman at large, or to say I just have a part-time job nearby. So money became the biggest problem, you know the guild building need it, just as we need food.
Now the situation of my guild improved a lot, but another problem came, that is some of my members stop to play other feature. Guess what? Most of them are healers! You know want it means. No healers no tank. Although we still have healers, it is far beyond the need. When Raid, you can’t imagine the trouble we are facing. Most of my members now levels 60 or so, I have to think about how to lift them up fast…
oh my…, all of these made me almost crazy, but I have to face it just because im the leader im a man. I just want to know are you facing the same trouble or am I the only pathetic leader in this world?
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