Na Fianna Dragun 2015 - motivation call

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Na Fianna Dragun 2015 - motivation call

Post by Awrygh »

Hail, Fianna!

Impression? Aye! NFD is dead!

Is it? I don't think so. I still meet some members from the Ancient Days of Prydwen inGame.
There still is a spirit in that game. It looks old and worn out, but i was not able to find a better RvR game.
Player-count on </who all> seems to stay constant and it is increasing a little bit.
The new Champion Weapons accessable with CL 15 are most wanted. By that the NF action exploded to
open up Darkness Falls for the realms to make Legion raids. You see rare titles, players show by now.
Even Molvic and CV are swarmed with good players. To make lower templates are a task that have
to be mastered. That makes it hard to run solo and all allone!

Got my intension? For sure!

Dust off your accounts and take a visit to Hibernia. I made up our Guild Hall. All merchants for crafting up now.
More HZ NPCs are in my House next to our Guild Hall. I think there is a Lot to claim just vis a vis Guild Hall on the left. Our address: Ywain 7 - Torrylin - Ravensdale - Lot 3405. Don't be shy to show up, there is a Bar,
a Counter down in the cellars serving cold drinks </emote smile>.
It is fun to start a new Toon! In the Battle Grounds you collect Bointy Points to get your needed items
later on and you will not move on to the higher BGs as a PaperChar as you made Realm Points also .. Nice!
You'll have a good time just in case you'r bored as no one likes to group with your epic toon. haha . .... .. .

Well, my friends, i might continue this list untill we enter 2016. I just wanted to convince you that it is still worth
to show up on DAoC.

Any better idea?
Ahhhh! *Camelot Unchained* is on the horizon! OK! But that's in the future. Yes, and *Star Citizen*.. All good.

But the time is now!!
... so!

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Re: Na Fianna Dragun 2015 - motivation call

Post by ambera »


Was just chatting about possibly subbing for a bit on the NFD facebook group ( I'd have to find my account dets though, which I haven't seen for at least a couple of years...

Looking forward to CU, for sure.

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Re: Na Fianna Dragun 2015 - motivation call

Post by Eleanora »

Hi all!

Hope some of you remenber me! I suddenly got the urge to play DaoC again after some 8 years of absence. Glad to see that this forum is still up after all this time and that it still has these epic smilies! banana:
Can't easily find my account details to The Game though, so I probably have to start over.
Where is the action nowadays? Is there a classic server or do I have to learn new stuff? sheep:

Sent a request to join the facebook group, but I'm afraid the PMs I sent got stuck in peoples spam inbox since we have no connections.

Eleanora, Mentalist
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Devereaux, Enchanger
Daniel, Human

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Re: Na Fianna Dragun 2015 - motivation call

Post by Awrygh »

Hail, Fianna!

Here we got some feedback!

Yep, thats the way: find dem Accs. ya'll be bak in no time.
mids and albs and even Hibs taking over .) haha
!happy to see some mates remember Camelot AND how to play.
... AND even if you have to start fresh: victims allover!
.. show up. Na Fianna Dragun.
.well. just to see ya on the morrows. might run with Osh & Spe, some Glas for CLx. (3rd'o'march)

@ Ambera & Eleanora: just fix it . . facebook? just show up InGame :) The urge to play! Do it!

.more to come

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Re: Na Fianna Dragun 2015 - motivation call

Post by Tallagh »

Hi guys!

Its Del / Malimbar / Malembar / Tallagh / god only knows how many others!

Just to let ye know and anyone else, interested is moving into Beta in 25 days time. I will be remaking NFD on hib and dusting off the Armor! I know we are all old, wiser and a lot shorter on time, but should hopefully be a good laugh!

The reason - Well its 1.65, its classic, its old RA's and its free.

i can be contacted at if anyone just wants to say hi!

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