schedule THIS - statements pls - fun for sure

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schedule THIS - statements pls - fun for sure

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Itz all about Items and Realm Abilities, is'nt it ? And Fun!

Need Aurulit? lol, nope! - You need the new Items from DF. Dem new Seals..
Need Roots from Galladoria? well, some ppl need them. Can i smoke dem ??
Need Glass? Ok, the new Quest Cycle is fine. Make a run and dive all over ToA. Good to earn CXP. But second run gives only Gold.
Need Scales? Hmm, why not. Letz make a Fomor City Run (Myrdraxxis scale will do). Or we visit the Laby Dragon?
Need Alchimist material? Well. You know Coruscating Mine? Go there. The other spots i don't tell ya ;-)
Need to finish the CoF and the Champ Quest steps 4 - 6 ? ojoj
Need the experience again to make all the ToA crap? The Sheeroe Hills crap?
Need Cuuldurach !!!
Need to fight ALL the Three Dragons?
Need Coin? woooow, ofcoz!!!. There are some ways. Best way is to kill many players. Worth to open new Topic .. . . ..
Need Bounty Points? hmm. just make a lower char for a BG to earn some fast via Quests. I have a level 19 with 45K BP, ROFL
Need Shards? Yoh, man! Let's find them!!
Need RPs? aaah! Here comes the Needy.

Need help?
Ahh . now you need friends, that's what ya need </blush>

feel free to add something. we might find a way.)

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