New Beginning!

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New Beginning!

Post by firehawk »

As ive told some of u ill be leaving boring police state Denmark very soon.

My accounts run out next month, and as it is atm the low population on pryd/exc i wont be renewing.

Im moving to New Zealand irl and the time diff will be 12 hours so wont be seeing any of u even if i kept accs.

I want to thank u all 4 some wonderful hours infront of my computer.

And i shall hopefully c u all in War on some US server :)

Take care and GL

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Post by Lieva »


cya hawk :(
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Post by <ankh> »

firehawk wrote:As ive told some of u ill be leaving boring police state Denmark very soon.
Police state? your kidding, right?


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Post by naic »

Awww cya FH and good luck with RL. :D

Been fun playing with you. :)

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Post by Gahn »

Fire!!! Hoping the best for ya in NZ xD
Cya soon on some War server ^^
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Post by stupeh »

gl m8 :)

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Post by Xxcalibur »

gl :D
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Post by Rjann »

bb hawky
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Post by Rejecta »

laters hawk!

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Post by Reza »

Take care Firehawk, and all the best in NZ.

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