Request to join :)

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Request to join :)

Postby Rapand » Sun May 08, 2005 12:43 am

Hello all :) yesterday i asked my friend Twistedanimist (a member of your fine guild) if there were any requirements to join, he said there werent any "real" requirement, so i asked (just to be sure(no offence Twisted)) Yeyi if any GM's were online but there werent at the time bieng.. so i asked him for the requirements and he said that the normal way you invite ppl is that u grp with the one who seeks membership and that i had to go register at the forum .. well .. the forum part is done (Yeyi told me to post here for the aplication) well enough about that :)

info about me ?
hmm. 21 of age. been playing for about 3 years. have a few 50's on excal. deleted a 50 wiz to go hib:) i dont have any 50´s yet here tho, but working at it :D
hmm, what's more to tell ? well .. if any questions post here or pm me in game on Rapand will most likely be online, else ask Twisted if he can get a hold of me :)

Rapand (33 enchanter)
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Postby Alexandrinus » Sun May 08, 2005 8:00 am

hi think you will be very welcome here in our guild, bad thing i have no lvl char near you.So will most of us, what should you expect from GPK, we are no elitist's, we really play for fun alot of our members are between 25-40, we work serious on our chars and made some big progress in RVR in the last month's, we run 1-3 times a week GG in RVR, we have no problem if someone is in our RVR groups with RR1-2 or so you dont have to have full Toa or SC to run with us, we dont bother each other if its not running so good.
The rules are be nice ,respect others,play what char you want(btw we need chanter for RVR) and play for fun.
You can post here about everything, one of the succeses of our guild is this forum here,we stay all in contact and the bind together gets better.

so hopefully we see us soon in the frontiers (i play only 5-10%PVE and all chars are under you r level )

Arkaon / Karak-Norn
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