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Post by Lairiodd »

Saw one of them (looked afk though).

I think my graphics card is acting like a room heater though :p
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Post by Hoonius »

Lairiodd wrote: I think my graphics card is acting like a room heater though :p
I hear you man, had to take the side off the PC and blow a fan into it to keep the tmeperature down :¬(

Pretty intense on the graphics but it sure does look nice :¬)

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Post by Agarick »

Hi all, This is my first time at in years.. Fantastic to see many names I remember from years ago.

Thiumb Agarick here. Aga from WOW.
Best Regards to all of you.

I shall be starting barbarian on pvp server on Monday when I get the game. Look forward to catching up with old friends again... on AoC and later on in the year with WAR.

Look forward to catch up with all my tree-hugging friends again....

Lots of Love, Agarick

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Post by Khylrion »

Hey Thiumb, welcome back on board :) Been absent on these boards for too long as well(well at least that is my impression ;) )
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Post by VidX »

New UI thread started here.
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Post by <ankh> »

Cheers mate!

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Post by Healdropper »

Im there also, known as Hawky, a bear shaman ^^
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Post by Puppet »

Healdropper wrote:Im there also, known as Hawky, a bear shaman ^^

cool - im a conquerer called Puppet. HDS guild is up - with alot of old DAOC'ers ;)
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Post by Aranor »

Hey all you crazy people, think I'm gonna pickup the game later today so hopefully I'll meet a few of you later tonight on Dagon. Will be on Aranor or Aranora depending on whats taken. ;)

See ya later!

Edit: Yo Rami tjockis! Need any special class in the guild of yours? :D
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Post by Rami »

haha hej Aranor <3
Roll a Tempest of Set or a tank! :o

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