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AoC UI Thread

Postby VidX » Mon May 26, 2008 3:19 am

[color="Red"]**Warning: Do not try to change any of the files if you aren't familiar with making changes to settings/xml files!**[/color]

OK, since I didn't like the default UI I decided to go looking to see what was out there and found this:

What it does is makes the UI look like this:

Now, I've customised mine slightly as there is an issue with that version that makes the UI HUD expand horizontally when there are more than 15 active buffs running on your character.

To adjust for that:

In "AgeOfConanInstallFolder\cd_image\Gui\Customized\Views\HUDCharPortraitLeft.xml" making the following change under the '<!-- *** BUFF ICONS *** -->' section forces the buffs over the portraits to go to multiple rows:


Also, as you can see I changed the font colour for guild chat (amongst others). Here's how:

Create the following folder in your Age of Conan install folder: "AgeOfConanInstallFolder\gui\default"

(Example: mine is D:\Age of Conan\gui\default)

Copy the file TextColors.xml from "AgeOfConanInstallFolder\cd_image\Gui\Default" to "\gui\default"

(Example: I copied mine from "D:\Age of Conan\cd_image\gui\default" to "D:\Age of Conan\gui\default")

Open that file with Notepad (or another text editor) and locate the following lines:

<HTMLColor name="ctch_clan_name" color="0xbf00bf" />
<HTMLColor name="ctch_clan_text" color="0xbf00bf" />

These are the entries for the Guild chat.

At the top of that file you will see the codes for the colours so just replace the existing codes with the one you want.

Example: in the screenshot my Guilds names are Olive (0x808000) and the text is Green (0x008000).

Save that file and then load up AoC to see the colour changes.

Now, anyone fed up with their screen filling up with messages when they gain a level or collect quest items, etc.?

Grab this file and extract it to "AgeOfConanInstallFolder\cd_image\Gui\"
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Postby Lairiodd » Mon May 26, 2008 4:20 am

Pity we can't test these atm :p
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Postby Hoonius » Sat May 31, 2008 4:12 pm

Lairiodd wrote:Pity we can't test these atm :p

It's a nice UI. Copies striahgt over the top of your CD_IMAGE folder now so installation is pretty easy too

He's on top of all the recent patches as well. Recommended :¬)
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