Old Accounts - failed password resets / lost email accounts

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Old Accounts - failed password resets / lost email accounts

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Receiving Server Emails

Some email hosts don't accept emails from the server.

You should check your spam folder for emails, but some don't even accept them into the spam folder.

If you can't receive emails from the server, then you should create an account using an email from a different email host. Hopefully, they will accept emails from the server.

Once you have done that you can PM me directly.

Password Resets

If you still have access to your old email account, password resets should work.

It is possible the email address is not receiving emails. In that case, you will need to create a temp account to contact me (see above).

I can reset your password after sending you an email manually to your old email address to confirm that you still have control of that email address.

Lost Email Accounts

If you have lost access to the email account that you registered with, then it is harder.

The latest software just stores email addresses for each user.

However, vbulletin stored lots of info (if you entered it). I can manually look at the old database using your userid number and there might be more info.

This may give additional email address or some other way to contact you.

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