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Draft Forum Rules

Postby Lairiodd » Sun Sep 04, 2005 10:24 pm

This is a draft of the forum posting rules. If you have a constructive suggestion for any changes feel free to post. The final decision on the rules are made by the admins.

Admins/Moderators will try to be even handed when applying the rules but it’s not possible to check everything. If you feel you have been unfairly treated by a mod, you can PM the admins. If you feel that an admin or a mod has treated you unfairly, PM the other 2 admins.

Due to added responsibility of mods/admins, they will try to act maturely and set a good example. Moderators should not break the posting rules. This does not mean that they are not permitted to have an opinion in a thread or support a side. However, mod powers should not be abused while in a discussion or that will result in them being stripped.

Thread bans

These can be applied by local forum moderators and above
  • Flaming
  • Once off violations of posting rules
Temporary Bans

These can only be applied by global moderators and above
  • Consistant Violations of posting rules after being warned twice
Outright bans

These can only be applied by global moderators and above
  • Consistant unacceptable behaviour
  • Creation of a “sock puppet” account just to flame.
  • Creation of a "sock puppet" account to avoid a ban on your main account - this results in perma ban.
Definitions of violations


This is directing insults at other people rather than discussing the topic at hand. You are permitted to argue your points strongly, however, try not to take disagreement personally. If your only argument left in favour of your position is that the other person is <insert insult here>, then maybe posting is not the best choice.

Counter Flaming

It is only natural to respond to flaming with flaming. However, please try to avoid the flaming cycle.


Please try to stay on topic and post if you have something to add to the thread. There is a forum specifically for spam threads. Generally, the response is to move a spam thread to the spam forum. However, spamming an otherwise constructive thread with spam will result in a thread ban.

Personal Threats

This is for comments like “die IRL” and the like. These comments are not acceptable and will result in a 3 day ban or perma ban for people who consistently post them.


Insults directed at someone due to their RL race are not permitted and will result in a 3 day ban without the warning. In addition, general racism is not permitted. Remember, there are people from many countries posting to the forums.

Nudity Pictures

This is a forum where Children may read threads. Please refrain from posting pictures which are below a reasonable standard of decency. The whole "I'll know it when I see it" rule. This also includes cartoon nudity i.e poorly drawn comics of body parts. Reposting after it is edited is an automatic 3 day ban.

Links to Copyrighted Material

Links to illegal copies of copyrighted material are not permitted and will be deleted.

Personal Messages

This is a tricky subject as its sent to one person not everyone on the forum however if you have a problem with a person's pm then pls pm one of the moderators/Admins (listed below) and they will take it under consideration. If they agree then the warning/ban as stated above will be in action.

Moderators/Admins/Points of contact

If you have any querys, problems or anything in regards to this CoC or any other aspect of these forums please contact the moderators/Admins listed below.

Ayana (forum hosting)
Banana (admin and smilie adder)
Lairiodd (admin and forum maintenance)
Xest (admin)
Quinlan (moderator)
Satyn (moderator)

Thank you.
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