Who all has pledged or thinking about it?

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Who all has pledged or thinking about it?

Post by VidX »

As above, would be interested in seeing who all has pledged, thinking about it, thinking about playing, etc. :)
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Post by Bubble »

Hey Usp, long time no see!

All the old LoE guys got their hopes up with this one, quite a few of us did mid sized pledges, no guild island for us tho(no lottery winners here!)

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Post by Helerion »

This game has given me high hopes, i just hope it dont flop like war/aoc and so forth.
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Post by Teissen »

will try it for sure.grtz stimerol
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Post by Sardine »

I'm most excited about this game than I've been about anything since DAoC. The reality of it though is I just don't have time to play MMORPGs anymore, which is a big shame. Even with a spare hour it'll be impossible to get much done. Will have to stick to console gaming until I win the lottery and have all the time in the world. :(

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Post by Rami »

Don't have much time to play either, but I am still looking for that DAoC Feeling. CU is a good candidate and I will try it out.

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Post by ambera »

I backed it - just got around to joining the Founders forums today. I was sad to see no Prydwen thread - all the other servers seem to have one!
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Re: Who all has pledged or thinking about it?

Post by *b* »

i've pledged

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Re: Who all has pledged or thinking about it?

Post by Genedril »

Pledged. Buggered if I can remember what level it was at though.

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Re: Who all has pledged or thinking about it?

Post by Cryn »

Thinking seriously about pledging enough to get into the Alpha/Beta stages. Quite excited about this CU.

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