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<ankh> wrote:You are aware that you've been answering to really old posts....right?
You are aware that you've been replying to spam bots....right? :p
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It shows that they are getting better at appearing normal.
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Indeed! I had no idea I was replying to one :P

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Post by Earendil »

Is anyone playing Starcraft 2 at the moment? I play it from time to time, really like it. I'm Zakoraya on there. Would be really cool to do some team games together with some prydwen people if anyone is playing it still :o
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Re: Starcraft II

Post by Papageorge »

I recently got back into SCII and fell in love with the game all over again. I'd love to do some co-op or straight up 1v1 with someone from the community if anyone else is still playing.

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