R I P ?

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R I P ?

Post by FlameGecko »

Is the soul pact alliance dead now? Seems to be a few from my guild online, and sometimes one person from another guild :-(

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Post by Belisar »

I think the answer to that is (sadly) that the alliance is pretty dead atm.

A lot of the active guilds moved (most to Natures Eyes but some also to ND) so I can imagine that the /as is real quiet (although the /as rules do not allow for chit chat anyway).

Like most guilds/alliances I am sure it's time will come again - it only takes an active guild to kick it into life, just not sure where or when that will come.
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Lestat de Lioncourt
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Post by Lestat de Lioncourt »

Lo' Beli,
well most allys are a bit silent lately, daoc lost many of its members. So, unfotunately the whole realm is a bit empty. Maybe some allys should merge?

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Flobba Job
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Post by Flobba Job »

Ahhhh /AS... how i loved to spam that with conversations asking how people were.... ahh good ol times

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