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Ello peeps

Post by Rokkenbom »

Hi peeps

A few of us (Stonefist/Guarana, Darkdog, Zoltar and myself) started a Nut guild on Burning Legion. Its on Alliance side, and we had to call it Keeper of the Sacred Nut, as you know its a 24 character limit :S

Anyways, I thought I make my alt to join you peeps in Hordeland, and thougth about doing Undead (not sure what char yet). It be equally cool if you would make some alts in our guild at Burning Legion if you should get bored at some point.

Ohh, I just read this btw (check link) seeing you talking about a less populated server

http://www.mmorpg.com/gamelist.cfm?load ... 1840612562

Glad to see you all made it to WOW .. Remember have fun :D

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Post by Hroth »

Hi m8,

Thats probably a good idea as occasionally Buring Blade is down, and I'd like to try out a few alliance chars :0)

We're playing as Enigma Squad on burning blade atm.
Send any of us a tell and get your alts invited :D
:) <<<<<<-- Default Smiley, Incase anyone takes anything I post too seriously :p

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