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For joining Sun

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Heya all !

For joining Sun: ONLY people we have played with on a regulair bases will be considerd. We had a meeting about it, and as we all like the nice close atmosphere in the guild, this is the only way to do it realy. Also this way Bouth parts get a chanse to see if everything is working out well.

Sun is already one of the best stealth guilds on hib/pry, witch is why Stealthers with no regulair classes too, is not realy interesting for us.

What we need is: Polite peeps ( rr 12 or rr1 we dont realy care ) that has a real interesse in building up a " kick ass " Regulair rvr group who dont care about Group making a lot of mistakes and who dosent give up after beeing zerged a few times.

Those people that already knows everything and who cant learn anything new, plenty of smart guilds for them to join , it for sure wont be Sun.

So give us a call in-game if this has any interest for u. Or tell us about urself and ur reasons for wanting to join Sun on our open forum, and we will contact u.

/ bedst Reguards
Bowie GM in Sun

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